X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray Inspection

Dental Hygienics will carry out an Annual x-ray mechanical and electrical inspection to Ionising Radiations Regulations1999 (IRR99)

  • Check mechanical condition
  • Check unit is firmly secured to wall
  • Check movements, head balanced in all useful positions
  • Check general condition of x-ray head
  • Check safety requirements of x-ray
  • Check tube head condition
  • Check collimator
  • Check signs are displayed correctly
  • Check isolation
  • Check KV measurements
  • Full written report  

We record the service data on our data base so that if you misplace your documentation we have it covered at no extra charge

We will remind you when Inspection is due so you will never be out of calibration.
For a quotation please call the service team on 01787 877877


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