Washer Disinfector Service & Validation

Washer Disinfector Service & Validation

Dental Hygienics will Service and Validate your washer disinfector to HTM 01-05 standards

We can provide annually or quarterly testing.

  • Inspect internal and external of chamber
  • Replace door seal where applicable
  • Replace Hepa filter where applicable
  • Check function of drain pump
  • Check function of detergent pump
  • Check wash pump
  • Check heater and drying heater
  • Check door lock
  • Check fuses connections and mains cable
  • Check printer/data logger
  • Cleaning Efficacy Test
  • Protein test
  • Check detergent dosing where applicable
  •  Validate
  • Full report and calibration certificate to meet current legislation
    We record the service data on our data base so that if you misplace your documentation we have it covered at no extra charge.
    We will remind you when services are due so you will never be out of calibration.

For a quotation please call the service team on 01787 877877


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