Suction Volume Efficiency Test (Reduce the risk from AGP's)

Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs)

Let us Maximise Your Suction to Minimise the Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Studies show that the optimum volume for effective extraction is 300 l/min and that up to 85% of aerosols can be removed via an appropriate high-volume aspiration or suction system. This is preferable because removing aerosols at the point of creation minimises the risk to staff. Also aspirating the oral cavity will create a negative pressure pulling in air and helping to reduce aerosols escaping into the room. Tests have shown that many suction systems fall well below the required limits therefore increasing the risk of airborne particles. 

From only £29.99 per surgery our engineers will 

  • Attend your surgery and test each suction manifold in turn providing a record of the suction in all states of use. Connect the testing equipment to the high-volume suction and measure the litres/min through the handpiece. 
  • Using our calibrated test equipment provide a reading giving you full confidence and evidence that the suction under all conditions is working at the required levels. Tests include (as required) with spittoon/select valve on/off and in the case of a centralised system with one or all surgeries in operation.
  • Offer recommendations or modifications to help your suction system achieve 250 - 300lmin
  • Supply and fit new cannulas, suction handpieces and hoses if required.
  • If required supply and install a Cattani Aspi-Aero 25 to be used when a cannular cannot be employed.
  • Install HEPPA filters and or modify the air to exhaust safely

To arrange your inspection please call our customer services team on 01787 877877

Prices exclude callout, parts and Vat