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Dental Hygienics is one of UK's largest independent engineering company. Having years of experience in the industry, we are well known for supplying only the best dental decontamination equipment to ensure that you have first-class safety products and equipment for your practice.

We supply autoclaves from some of Europe's leading manufacturers like Mocom and Euronda.

We provide engineering services to dental practices. We recognised the valve of offering an all-encompassing dedicated engineering package and a single point of contact that can handle all the ptactices engineering requirements in one visit by one engineer reducing disruption, surgery downtime and cost. All of our dental equipment engineers are employed and trained by original equipment manufacturer where possible.

Dental Engineering Service Provider

Cattani Turbo Smart Suction
£5,531.00 £4,595.00
Durr Vistascan Mini Easy
£5,995.00 £4,995.00
Euronda E10 Autoclave
£6,995.00 £4,995.00
Euronda E8
£3,995.00 £2,995.00
Kodak CS 9300 Premium
£120,000.00 £49,995.00
Mocom Tethys H10
£5,295.00 £3,195.00
Satelec X-Mind AC X-Ray
£3,300.00 £2,495.00
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