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AWT – Automatic Water TreatmentAutomatically removes limescale in hard water areasCompliant with all washer disinfectorsUnique washer conditionerEnhances the washers cleaning performanceLime Scale InhibitorThe ‘on board’ AWT system in the Medisafe washer disinfector ingeniously doses a precise amoun..
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Detergent, liquid concentratecontains alkalinity donors contains enzymes contains surfactants Excellent material compatibility, universally applicable. Residues of dried and denatured blood are reliably removed. A redeposition of protein residues is prevented. 5 Litre..
The HIP chemical (HYDRIM Cleaning Solution with Instrument Protection) has been carefully formulated to provide outstanding compatibility with a wide range of materials and coatings. HIP is automatically added at various stages in the cycle to optimize the cleaning and protection of instruments. Ind..
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