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Disposable, flexible saliva ejectors made of non-toxic, transparent PVC. The integrated metal wire perfectly holds them at the required angle and never protrudes during the bending process. Fixed or removable rounded tips are ideal for work on irritated mucous membranes...
GC Fuji Capsule ApplierFor all GC Fuji Glass Ionomer Capsules Autoclavable ..
The Expanded duty Cotton mouth dry field system.Kit includes:Saliva Ejector TubingCotton Mouth Bite BlockShort Aspirator TipLong Aspirator Tip5mm Pad Extenders7mm Pad extenders..
Loop forming pliers with .055", .075", and .090" (1.4mm, 1.9mm, and 2.3mm) diameters for creating bull and helical loops on wires up to .022" x .025" (.56 mm x .64 mm).Loop-forming pliers for orthodontic wire applicationsUsed for creating bull and helical loops on wires..
We have a small amount of Eschmann 113B Auctoclaves available.These are pre-owned units, in working order.These have not been refurbished and are sold as seen.*Additional option of service and Validation can be included please add the option at checkout ..
Versatile utility pliers with serrations, accommodating wires up to .030" (.76mm).Useful for placement and removal of arch-wires, pins and other auxiliaries. Similar to the 678-203, How Pliers, except the tips offer 40° angulation for accessing lingual and other hard to reach areas...
Works well for stainless steel, ceramic and plastic brackets of all types...
Bicchien Plastic CupsDisposable180ml- Light BlueCups are sealed in plastic tubing of 100 cups. ..
High quality 2 ply paper and 1 ply poly disposable patient bibs.500 bibs per case Colour- White ..
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