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The Julian Perry Collection

Dr Julian Perry is an award winning implantologist. He graduated in 1983 from Birmingham University. Dr Perry placed his first dental implant in 1984 and has placed thousands of implants since then. He has a reputation for expertise in this field and teaches dental implantology to dentists across the country. 

He is past president of the Cosmetic Dental Association and the dentist responsible for putting Europe’s first dental centre into Selfridges, London, in 2001.
In 2007 he was nominated as one of the top fifty most influential dentists in the UK from a pool of 31,000 dentists.
Dr. Perry has over 30 years’ experience in dentistry, including more than 20 years in multisite ventures. 
Dental Hygienics and Decontamination Ltd have been offered a rare opportunity to collect and auction Dr. Perry's equipment and donate all proceedings to an amazing charity, Dentaid. 
Dr Perry recently posted on LinkedIn; 

'...I've just donated my entire dental clinic and its contents to raise money for Dentaid. They do an amazing job both overseas and in the UK helping the dentally disadvantaged. Adrian Buckingham from Dental Hygienics helped massively by coming to the clinic, dismantling and taking it away. It's all in great condition and there is everything there to set up in implants... 
Stay safe. Julian'

Auction Now Finished.

The Julian Perry auction was a huge success we raised a massive £11,829.77 (after Ebay and Paypal Fees). We would like to thank everyone who took part.

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