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Bambi VT150 Oil Free Air Compressor for 2-3 Surgery
Bambi VT150 Compressors are one of the quietest of any oil free air compressors Suitable for 2-3 ..
£1,340.00 £895.00
Cattani Turbo Smart Suction
Turbo Smart is a powerful, variable speed suction system, with high airflow, for use by up to fou..
£5,531.00 £4,595.00
Durr VSA 300S Suction Unit
The VSA tecnology developed by Durr combines the complex system of suction unit, separation an..
£2,299.00 £1,995.00
Euronda E10 Autoclave
E10 The must of Euronda sterilization, in one single autoclave   ..
£6,995.00 £4,995.00
Euronda E8
Straightforward, high-performingand affordable: E8 brings together all Euronda's top technology t..
£3,995.00 £2,995.00
Euronda E9 Next Autoclave
Euronda E9 Next Autoclave Vacuum + Non-Vacuum Accessible excellence E9 Next co..
£5,400.00 £4,195.00
Mocom B Classic 17 Litre Autoclave
B Classic Assured success Designed to smooth and speed up the user’s workflow: intensiv..
£3,995.00 £2,995.00
Mocom Futura 17 Litre Vacuum Autoclave
B Futura Mocom’s finest performance The ‘intelligent’ sterilizer that provides surgerie..
£4,995.00 £3,795.00
Mocom S Classic Autoclave
The S Classic sterilizer has been designed to provide an effective mix of cutting-edge technology..
£3,500.00 £2,495.00
Mocom Tethys H10
Mocom's first Hybrid Disinfection Device. Tethys H10 combines, in a single exclusive process,..
£5,295.00 £3,695.00
Neodisher MediClean Forte
Liquid alkaline universal cleaner, removes reliably dried and denatured blood and protein residue..
£89.00 £35.00
Satelec X-Mind AC X-Ray
Xmind AC is functionally simple in design but at the same time is extremely sophisticated in feat..
£3,300.00 £2,450.00