Euronda E9 Next Autoclave

Euronda E9 Next Autoclave
Euronda E9 Next Autoclave Euronda E9 Next Autoclave
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Euronda E9 Next Autoclave

Vacuum + Non-Vacuum
Accessible excellence

E9 Next combines an attractive design with the new concept of traceability , which becomes expanded , thanks to the three integrated Print Set : internal printer with thermal paper , adhesive labels with internal printer , external printer with adhesive labels . 
The total connectivity achieved through SD Card , Ethernet , and optional E - Wifi , makes the data of sterilization always available on PCs , printers , smartphones and tablets . The E -Touch display , simple, clear , intuitive , responds to a logic of immediate and effective use . Thanks to the Inspection® System, also cleaning operations become simple and rapid

Key Features include:

Vacuum Cycle + Non-Vacuum Cycle
18 Litre Chamber - takes 5 standard din trays
Internal Printer with adhesive labels for tracability
Touch Screen - easy to use menu
Connects to PCs, Smartphones and Tablets to monitor Sterilization data
Pre-defined test cycles
Market leading process time and design


Chamber/Capacity  18 l  24 l
Weight  44 Kg  48 Kg
External dimensions  460x455x610 mm (LxHxP)
Power consumption  2.350 W 10.2 A 2.450 W 10.7 A
Water consumption  300 ml


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