Mocom Tethys H10

Mocom Tethys H10
Mocom Tethys H10 Mocom Tethys H10 Mocom Tethys H10
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Mocom's first Hybrid Disinfection Device.

Tethys H10 combines, in a single exclusive process, the power of water, the energy of heat and the force of ultrasound to maximise safety, process speed and user-friendliness.

One process. One step. Decontamination,washing,disinfection and drying all in one single step, ensuring simpler,faster, more effective workflow.

The combination of deep ultrasound washing and thermal disinfection provides effective rationalisation of reconditioning protocols, ensuring absolute protection for the user.

The EN ISO 15883-1/2- certified Tethys H10 offers instrument treatment characterised by homogeneous cleaning and drying phase that removes every last trace of moisture.

  • LCD colour touchscreen and multi-lingual icon menu
  • Internal memory that records all disinfection cycle data directly in pdf format.
  • Personalised washing and disinfection cycles
  • 35 minutes for a complete process
  • Standard Ethernet
  • 6 washing and thermal disinfection cycles
  • Comprehensive, advanced user management system


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