Mocom Futura 17 Litre Vacuum Autoclave

Mocom Futura 17 Litre Vacuum Autoclave
Mocom Futura 17 Litre Vacuum Autoclave Mocom Futura 17 Litre Vacuum Autoclave
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B Futura
Mocom’s finest performance

The ‘intelligent’ sterilizer that provides surgeries with a truly indispensable tool. Only years of research and experience can produce such an exceptional result: a product that is high-performance yet outstandingly user-friendly. Available in 17, 22 and 28-litre versions, all with identical external dimensions.


The new B Futura sterilizer offers outstanding performance in less time, has a simple, intuitive interface. High-grade performance, in terms of both cycle execution speed and thermodynamic parameter quality, is ensured by the new steam generator and double-head vacuum pump.


Thanks to latest-generation electronics, the B Futura sterilizer guarantees excellently versatile data management and secure traceability of the sterilization process, allowing trouble-free management of work in full compliance with strict standards and professional ethics.


Specifically designed for the most technologically demanding users, it offers outstanding innovation and user-friendliness. Its avant-garde systems have been designed to offer intuitive immediacy, with the modern touch-screen perfectly embodying what we call “evolved simplicity”.

The art of sterilization

Mocom means sterilization. Hygiene is our vocation, the raison d’être of our products, all of which are designed to safeguard patient wellbeing and smooth the workflow for health workers. The factors that set us apart, in terms of both skill and innovation, are conscientious attention to the choice of materials, advanced technology, enforcement of strict production and quality control protocols and the wealth of experience accumulated by our qualified, specialised sterilization system designers.

User interface

Sterilization cycles can be selected quickly and easily via the touch-screen simply by tapping the icons relative to the available programmes. The display also allows language selection, user management and personalisation of the sterilizer exactly as desired.

The sterilizer records all data regarding executed cycles on an internal memory. Users can download this history (in pdf format) onto a PC via a USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi (optional) connection. Moreover, the Wi-Fi module lets users transmit cycle data and current cycle status to a tablet or smartphone, thus providing completely secure remote monitoring.
Water feed

A conductivity sensor incorporated in the tank, together with an effective warning message and alarm system, automatically ensures the quality of the distilled water in use. If the water is of unsuitable quality, the sterilizer issues warning messages and automatically shuts down operation if there is any risk of damage.

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