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Autoclave tape 24mm x 50m (36 rolls)
Conforms to ISO 11140-1 Class 1. Easy to interpret. Cost effective. Individual rolls marked with l..
Disinfector Test Soil (pack of 10)
Easily stored. Easily reconstituted. Easily applied. Reproducible results. Contains NO blood produ..
Class I Process Indicator Pen for use on all wrapping materials to indicate items that have been e..
DentaTest - Protein Test Kit
For the rapid detection of protein residues Each vial is individually wrapped and comes with ..
Steri Helix Test
The Steri Products Helix Test provides immediate physical independent confirmation that the cy..
Steri Products Cleaning Efficacy Indicators
Steri Products Cleaning Efficacy Indicators, when used in conjunction with the range of Steri pro..
Steri Products Cleaning Efficacy System PCD Box
Steri Products Cleaning Efficacy System Box For the monitoring of soil removal Cos..
Type 6 Self-Adhesive Indicator
Type 6 Self-Adhesive Indicator 3.5 minutes at 134oC Conforms to ISO 1140-1:2014 ..