Engineering Services

We provide engineering services to Dental Practices, Chiropdists, Tattooists and Vets.

We recognise the value of offering an all encompassing dedicated engineering package with a single point of contact that can handle all practice needs in one visit. By doing this it helps to reduce disruption. cost and surgery downtime saving you money !!

Our dedicated Engineers Team is trained, efficient and accredited by manufacturers where possible to carry out the annual service and repairs all dental equipment in a surgery from Xray, autoclave, washer disinfector, compressor, suction unit, dental chair etc.

Our Services range from HTM0105 Service & Validation to quarterly testing and Service and Maintenance contracts inclusive of breakdown covers.

We service Autoclaves, Washer Disnfectors, Ultrasonics, Hand piece Cleaners, Pressure Vessel Inspection, Compressors, Xrays and Suction Units.

For complete range of services and prices please contact our dedicated sales team on 01787 877877 or Contact us