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Washers & Disinfectors

We supply the Medisafe range of Pico washer/disinfectors. Each Pico fully satisfies process requirements outlined in HTM 01-05. The range is also compliant with EN ISO 15883 and EN1717, ensuring you clean, disinfect and dry dental instruments to the highest or “Best Practice” decontamination standards.

Pico’s combine Medisafe’s patented Pulse Lumen Flushing System with a high-efficiency spray arm(s). This allows you to effortlessly process general instruments and complex dental hand pieces at the touch of a button. Pico automated washer/disinfectors thoroughly clean and disinfect inside and out; demonstrating your compliance with documented best practice.

Pre-programmed cycles allow one-touch operation; further improving Medisafe’s extremely efficient cycle times and repeatability. In addition, each cycle can be validated and documented to provide a permanent record of your decontamination.

The Pico comes in a number of models which can be used either on a bench top (the Pico Standard or Pico Flush) or under counter (the Pico XL or Pico XXL). The Pico Standard is ideal for the small or expanding surgery and cleans non-lumen surgical instruments, improving turnover by reducing process times. The Pico Flush is similar but the Patented Pulse Lumen Flushing provides powerful cleaning for hollow or lumened devices. Hand pieces are reprocessed thoroughly inside and out, guaranteeing complex/critical instruments are free from soil residue.

The Pico XL and Pico XXL allow busy surgeries to reprocess high volumes. They have all the features of the benchtops but with higher volume lumen washing/disinfection facilities. Optional extras include drying cycles and Ezee clip trays to maximise throughput and thereby optimising efficiency.






UltraClean 3 washer disinfector

This unit’s consistency and performance has made the UltraClean, a well-liked choice for dental practices and now with even faster cycle times. It has a choice of 3 cycles, with guaranteed performance for cost effective cleaning efficiency. This meets the ‘best practice’ standards as defined by HTM01-05 with a one year warranty (except for Scotland), and it has a choice of either a printer or data logger. There is a bench top one – W/H/D- (mm’s) 560 x 800 x 575, and an under bench one which is available – W/H/D – (mm’s) 560 x 800 x 575.

UltraCleanclosedUltraclean Benchtop

Pico Flush

With 6 cycles factory programmed to customer requirements, this washer/disinfector is simple to use, just simply load the instruments and touch ‘start’ and you do not need to press more than one button. After the remarkably fast cycle, an encouraging beep lets you know that the decontamination process has been ended.


Little Sister IWD7891

http://www.eschmann.co.uk/assets/Uploads/ProductImages/_resampled/SetSize600310-IWD7881-washer-disinfector2.jpgThis is an under bench unit with a 2 year warranty that can process up to 6 hand pieces and includes racks for HFiT cassettes and mesh basket for free instruments. It can hold up to 18 x HFiT 10 cassettes in the lower department and can hold up to 12 x HFiT 10 cassettes in the upper part, although HFiT cassettes capacity may vary. This unit also comes with a Neodisher detergent starter kit and it is optional whether to have a printer or cycle logger, which is available.


Little Sister IWD51


This unit is a bench top washer/disinfector, which allows the successful cleaning and disinfection of contaminated instruments in compliance with the latest standards. This particular machine has a rack for HFiT cassettes and mesh instrument basket included; it can hold six HFiT cassettes and two mesh instrument baskets. It automatically comes with an ICPS detergent starter kit and it is optional whether you would like a printer or a cycle logger, either way, they are both available.


Little Sister IWD7881

This under bench washer/disinfector is fully equipped, which allows the efficient cleaning and disinfection of contaminated instruments in compliance with the latest standards and guidelines. This machine can hold up to 18 x HFiT 10 cassettes in the lower part of the washer disinfector and up to 12 x HFiT 100 cassettes in the upper half, it is plus models tested and proven in accordance with the requirements of NHS Scotland. It has a built-in water softener which is extremely important in hard water areas and an integral detergent monitoring system, and it also comes with a Neodisher detergent starter kit.

·External dimensions – H/W/D – (mm’s) 850 x 600 x 600

·Water pressure – Min 1 bar – max 10 bar

·Electrical – 230v 32 amp

·Weight – 70kg

·WRAS approved

·Waste water outlet                        http://www.eschmann.co.uk/assets/Uploads/ProductImages/_resampled/SetSize600310-IWD7881-washer-disinfector-std.jpg


This EN ISO 15883, EN 1717 compliant PicoEvo, is the newest washer/disinfector from Medisafe, with its ability to clean up to 160-240 instruments; it makes it a much faster performance. This unit only takes 35 minutes to wash the instruments and when that is finished, the machine will beep to let you know that the cycle has been completed. It is safe and consistent, with a Universal hand piece connector for up to 6 hand pieces and is powered by 13amps. The drying process consists of hot air being circulated through the chamber, which gets rid of any remaining moisture from the instruments and hand pieces.

·Internal dimensions – W/D/H – (mm’s) 430 x 410 x 310

·External dimensions – W/D/H – (mm’s) 570 x 470 x 430

·Weight – 30kg

·It features EXTRA inlet for optional use of RO water.



Pico XL & XXL Washer Disinfector


With the mixture of high – pressure spray arm and the pulse flushing system, it is guaranteed that it will clean and disinfect your instruments and hand pieces methodically. It pre-washes using the high pressure spray arm and lumen flushing facility with cold water at no more than 35, to eliminate any unpleasant contamination on the instruments. It also washes at a cold temperature of 40-45, which mixes in with robotically dispensed alkaline/enzyme detergent, that will remove the remaining residual bio burden left. It then rinses and proceeds on to drying the instruments, which requires hot hair circulating around the chamber to get rid of the outstanding moisture from the instruments and hand piece channels, leaving them to dry and ready for the sterilisation process.

External dimensions for the Pico XL-

External dimensions for the Pico XXL-