Why Appearance Matters for Your Dental Unit’s Reception Area

Are you planning to open a dental practice or do you want to refurbish an existing one? Take some time to consider what layout and features you need to make the area welcoming and create a great first impression on your clients.

Why you need a warm reception area

A warm reception area can make your patients feel welcome. It can set the scene for a calm and useful treatment session. More importantly, a well designed reception area can offer them a sense of comfort. Providing a comforting and relaxed atmosphere is the key to ensuring your patients’ quality and efficient health care.

Tips to make your dental reception area attractive

There are many ways to make your dental unit’s reception area look attractive. Here are few tips.

  • Paint your reception walls with comforting colours
  • Avoid complicated pieces of furniture
  • Use cosy sofas and furniture when designing the reception
  • Play soothing music which will ease patients’ anxiety or stress regarding dental procedures
  • Install a TV at the reception area which can keep patients entertained while waiting for their turn
  • Keep the area as clean as the consultation and treatment areas

It is better to use dynamic designs in the reception area. This way you can make patients avoid thinking about actually sitting in the dentist's chair. Thought provoking art pieces and funny posters are another great way to make your patients feel less stressed.

Hiring a professional to design and build your dental unit’s reception area

The art of creating a soothing and appealing reception demands the skills of an expert and it helps to seek assistance from a professional dental supplier who offers these services. Using careful space design, high quality seating, well planned colours and accessories such as lighting and floor finishes, they can give your reception area the inviting look you want it to have.

With information like location of entrances and exits, number of staff to be seated at the reception desk, dimensions of the room, positioning of the desk, colours and materials used in the interiors of your dental clinics, a supplier will be able to design and build your reception area.

In addition to designing a reception area, professional suppliers will be also able to provide you with bespoke dental reception desks and chairs. For instance, at Dental Hygienics, we offer a series of products like dental accessories, cabinetries, chairs and other high impact decontamination products in addition to reception design and build that helps dental clinics work in line with the ‘Best Practise’ regulations prescribed in the new HTM guidelines.

Please call us for more information on how Dental Hygienics can help you with your dental reception design.