The Importance of Dental Cabinetry in Dental Offices

Dental Cabinetry is an integral part of any dental clinic and plays a major role in helping clinics run examinations and sanitation processes smoothly.

Dental cabinets are available in a choice of sizes and shapes. As theycome equipped with drawers, keeping your equipment organised will be easy. Many of the dental cabinets also come with attached suction equipment. You can go in for stationary or portable dental cabinetries based on your space.

You can order Dental cabinetry from known brands or go in for a bespoke solution. A bespoke solution can enable you to make maximum use of your space.

Types of Dental Cabinetries

There are two types of dental cabinetries available in the market:

  • Portable Dental Cabinetry
  • Stationary Dental Cabinetry

Portable Dental Cabinetry

Portable dental cabinets are popular as they give you the flexibility to sanitise and prepare the tools that are needed for treatment outside the exam room. This can free the patient from having to witness an assistant prepare the tools making his experience at the clinic more comfortable.

Purchasing dental cabinetry with built-in features can help you cut costs and use your space more effectively. This way you do not have to spend on purchasing multiple tools.

StationaryDental Cabinetry

Stationary dental cabinets are usually designed to line up along a wall. You can also find L shaped dental cabinets that can be arranged to fit into the corners of your dental office. You can choose from a range of colours, materials and finishes from plain to luxurious to create the look you want for your dental office. When choosing stationary dental cabinetry, pay attention to making the correct choices when it comes to drawer sizes, dimensions, storage space etc.

Modern dental cabinets come with innovative features likeoil free air compressor, water tank, and housing for high and low hand pieces, water suction, saliva injector and electric foot pedal. Whether portable or stationary, Dental cabinetry can help you keep your tools organised and within reach helping you run the examination and sanitisation process smoothly.

If you are looking for dental cabinetry for your dental office, please feel free to contact us.