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About Dental Equipment Engineers

The company was founded on years of experience and expertise, some of which was gained in Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust. For many years Brian Gerbaldi our Sales and Marketing Director was the governor of Cambridge University NHS Trust and was also the primus National Vice-Chairman of the NHS Foundation Trust Governors Association.


Dental equipment engineers, Dental Hygienics,  have developed a turnkey approach allowing them to take an LDU project from start to finish. The first step is understanding the client’s vision enabling us to create a concept ready for our in-house design team to work on and produce a full set of CAD drawings which are sent to the client for approval. Once approved, a quotation is supplied for the complete project.


For building work we use our own builders where possible, including plumbers and electricians (and can provide all necessary certifications), however will also work with your own builders if required.


The company is known for working with the best of British decontamination equipment to ensure you have the best equipment within your practice.


We have also recently increased our product range with the introduction of the Steri range of Autoclaves and its renowned Combi, which complements our agencies for Medisafe Washer / Disinfectors and Ultrasonic Baths, along with our sole agency in England and Wales for dentistry for the Sterrad NX Gas Plasma Disinfector.We also supply Data Loggers, Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems and Wi-Fi Systems ensuring we are fully setup to supply and support the 21st century needs of any dental practice.

We are proud to boast the services of Dr Andrew Ditchburn who owns a number of practices in Scotland and has pioneered the use of gas plasma sterilisation in the Sterrad NX within dentistry to reduce the risks around NvCJD and increase the working life of instrumentation.

We provide engineering services to dental practices. We recognised the value of offering an all-encompassing dedicated engineering package and a single point of contact that can handle all the practices engineering requirements in one visit by one engineer reducing disruption, surgery downtime and cost. All of our dental equipment engineers are employed and trained by the original equipment manufacturer where possible.


For more information on our products and services please call one of the leading dental equipment engineers in the UK on 01787 877877