Durr VSA 300S Suction Unit

Durr VSA 300S Suction Unit
Durr VSA 300S Suction Unit
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The VSA tecnology developed by Durr combines the complex system of suction unit, separation and amalgam separation in a single unit ansd on one drive shaft, the VSA 300S, especially suitable for one-room surgeries.

With this combination suction unit, more than 97% of the amalgam ends up in the automatically monitored collector vessel.

At a filling level of 95% the VSA 300S indicates that the container must be replaced by a visual and audible signal.

Durr dental suction systems create the required vacuum, which is necessary for problem-free and hygienic treatment. The continuous suction power of approx. 300 litres volume flow per minute at the large cannula makes for perfect visibility in the preparation area and prevents a contaminated aerosol cloud. Before the separated used water is drained off by the waste water pump, it is lead into the centrifuge, where the existing amalgam particals are separated.

This is the key:

  • Integrated suction and air/ water separation system with amalgam separation for a treatment unit
  • Suction power of 300 I/min
  • Separation rate of 97.5%
  • High efficiency and operational safety
  • High degree of foam compatibility due to two-step separation
  • Flexible installation options


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